pine bubble

When My Clients Let Me Play

Most of my consulting work evolves around testing websites. I have several local website clients who trust me to tryout new things with their websites too.

One such client owns Attuned With Spirit.  For her, she is a gifted healer with an interesting ability to work with energy and vibration through sound and reiki.  Time with Sharon Kachel is always a powerful experience. However, people like her who are in service to others are not wealthy. When she moved her workshops and healing sessions from her house to her own rented space in a local town, that was huge.

I felt her website needed to celebrate, so I refreshed it. The content still needs updating here and there but I’m excited at the new look. It’s lighter. The calendar is easier to find. But most of all, the image on the homepage is a magnified drop of water, frozen, attached to a pine needle. I found that and thought of how she can see the sacred geometry in nature.