Why Hire A Usability Consultant?

Woman in shop with her laptop.The moment you decide to establish a website for yourself or business is the time to hire a skilled usability consultant. Why? Because the rules for design, search engines, and user experience change quickly. You want to:

  • Understand if your website meets your visitors’ real world expectations.
  • Verify your website meets your business requirements.
  • Is it standards compliant for search engines, accessibility, mobile devices, any browser?
  • Can tasks be completed successfully?

Is it generating revenue, traffic, discussion or subscriptions?

Usability Site Audits & Web Site Testing

An Established Pioneer

Bucks County, PA based, Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC, has its roots in search engine optimization, usability and software testing and web design going back to 1995. From conference speaking, teaching, writing, online community ownership and more, Kim Krause Berg is devoted to making websites accessible to everyone.

“The entire industry (especially as Google has evolved in recent years) understands and is vocalizing the importance of the ideas Kim has been trying to present for almost two decades, but they are still behind the curve when it comes to actually bothering to put what they are preaching into practice.” — S.T.

Meet Today's Mobile Design and Usability Standards

Most User Interface Designers, Programmers and Internet Marketers are not Usability Experts

(However, they are expected to be.)
The following skills are offered at Creative Vision Web Consulting:

Usability and user experience site reviews and audits
Usability Research, User behavior data and research
Conversions and persuasive design analysis
Shopping cart user interface and functional testing
Information architecture
Accessibility testing – WCAG2.0, Section 508, PAS78
Mobile UI, functional testing, Google and Bing mobile device standards and test guidelines
Business and website requirements gathering and documentation
Online software application user interface and functional testing
Organic SEO
User Personas

Plant with computer

“Kim Krause Berg — The Veritable UX Whisperer”

In 2002, Kim Krause Berg coined the phrase “Holistic Usability and SEO” because her client work consistently proved the value of approaching every website with one unifying goal – creating a happy user experience from search to successful task completion. 

“Kim’s insights into the user experience are spot on.”Read more feedback.

Writings on Usability and SEO by Kim Krause Berg on Medium

Keyword Relevance and The Stories They Could Tell Us

The painstaking work by SEO’s performing keyword research has intrigued me ever since Google came along to kick its competition out of the pool, creating competitive war games for top positions in search engine results.

Website Visitors are Not Prey

You may not be consciously aware that each time you visit a website your natural human instincts haven’t suddenly checked out. You’re still in fight or flight mode.

The Sacred Act of Giving Away Expertise

Providing expertise for free works best when offered from a place of genuine caring for the person(s) on the receiving end. They may not always recognize or welcome your gift.

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