Website Usability, Conversions and Accessibility Site Audits and Testing

A Little Care and Feeding for Your Website

User Friendly, Inclusive, Accessible Websites Increase Conversions and Support SEO

A Unique Perspective on User Experience Design

In 2001 Kim began to share her ideas on Holistic UX and SEO as a methodology. It is the foundation of her work.  

“We don’t just treat symptoms and apply quick fixes. We consider the entire website eco-system and invest in a positive, productive experience for each website visitor.” Kim Krause Berg

Why Website ADA Accessibility Compliance?

There is a sharp increase in website ADA accessibility lawsuits, plus enforcement in certain countries for meeting accessibility laws. You can be prepared by making sure your website is built accurately with a quick, affordable accessibility threat check.

Threat Assessment Check Report

Website owners avoid the costs of facing an ADA legal complaint by investing in  accessibility testing and site reviews.  Agencies reach out to certified accessibility specialists to make sure their clients’ websites are prepared to meet today’s WCAG and Section 508 requirements.

Sample checklist

Do Not Be Fooled by Free Accessibility Testing

Automated tools may only find 25% of the issues your website may have. They do not replace manual screen reader testing, which is a leading source for litigation.

Find out if your website is at risk of an ADA lawsuit by a certified Accessibility Specialist.

Customized Website Usability and Conversions Audits

There is nothing cookie-cutter about my work.

Every website usability and conversions site audit or review begins with your business and marketing requirements.

Key Findings Checks

I research human behavior data, usability, information architecture, mobile design and changes in computer technology to keep informed of best practices.

What prevents someone from using your website or finishing a task?

Hiring a specialist validates what you are doing well or where fresh changes spring conversions back to life.

The investment of a usability and conversions site audit pays for itself.

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Kim Krause Berg, UX and Accessibility Specialist

Over 25 Years of Website Usability, Accessibility, and Conversions Website Support

Internationally known, Kim Krause Berg provides specialized website support through a variety of internet marketing and web design services.  

Website support includes:

  1. Website reviews or audits
  2. Access to a network of experts.
  3. Website and software testing
  4. Customized web help for any size company, on any budget.
  5. Information architecture and content mapping
  6. Business requirements gathering
  7. Documentation and checklists, training

Every Business Has a Story To Tell

Web design services begin with a discussion. 

As I listen to your story, I’m  already bursting with ideas for you.

Together we create a plan  based on your specific needs, budget, site requirements, business goals, crazy dreams and project ideas.

Proposals and estimates are prepared at no cost to you.

A journal with lines, opened up for writing.
"Having worked within the internet marketing industry since 1995, and SEO since 2000, I’ve long known the critical need web sites have for proper Usability. The more SEO has evolved in those years, the more User Experience has become integral to proper organic optimization as well. Specializing in forensic SEO audits, I have had the need to bring Kim in on multiple projects once my audits have determined UX to be severely flawed. The level of dedication, knowledge, and experience Kim brings to the IA/UX and overall SEO evaluations, recommendations and client implementation guidance is second to no-one else I’ve worked with or referred work to. I can’t speak highly enough as to how important it is to have someone like Kim doing this work. The value she and her work can bring to a site can positively impact ALL visitor experiences, regardless of referrer source."
"Recently, one of our web design clients expressed concerns about increasing their website accessibility due to lawsuits that are becoming more prevalent in their industry. What a relief it was to have Kim to turn to for an in-depth accessibility audit. Kim provides something unusual in my estimation. Because of her broad experience in the web industry, excellent ability to communicate, educate and the depth with which she approaches her work and life she really stands out to me as a singular resource."

Something New

The User Is Out There

I have been stockpiling articles, tools, resources and more information about usability and accessibility for websites. 


Personal website and legacy.

Kim Krause Berg Accomplishments
Kim Krause Berg 25 Years of Accomplishments