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    Blog,  IT Industry

    First Responders in Tech Included Women

    Response to my recent writings resulted in confusion and messages of support from several first responders in tech who shifted gears, while still quietly working in their fields. Yesterday I announced on Facebook that I shut down three of my websites forever. It felt like I had put a pet to sleep. I wanted to cry. I removed that status because, in the age of communication not communicate, the perception was that I left the building.  So firstly, I did not abandon my 21 year career in an industry that still produces “95 Women Who Influenced the SEO Industry.  I put to rest three websites, one my old brand, but I still have three more websites. Two of the sites are where I conduct…

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    Blog,  Website Planning

    My Friend Made My Website (Was That Wise?)

    I was sipping tea at a nearby café when an acquaintance walked in, spotted me, came over and we got to chatting about her new website.  “A friend made my website,” she said proudly. “Can you look at it?” This conversation has been repeated hundreds of times in the 20 years since I chose website work as a career.  It’s like the moment somebody learns you are a doctor or massage therapist, and you are asked to “look” at something.  There’s no way to diagnose a website, weird spot on a cheek or pain upon bending without having additional information. I bring up my favorite browser on my smartphone, type in the URL and put on my best straight face.  Experience with…

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    Blog,  Internet Marketing,  Website Planning

    Web Marketing Checklist For Site Owners on Strict Budgets

    Checklists for website owners on strict budgets are life savers.  Digital marketing, search engine marketing, off-line marketing, social media marketing and more are terms you may hear, but don’t understand. What kinds of marketing do you need? Is it something you can do or teach yourself? Take a breath.  You are absolutely not alone and help is out there.  Affordable, expert, generous, accurate help. While I strongly encourage hiring a professional internet marketer, some experts can be expensive.  When I was starting out I relied on free help and generous people willing to mentor me.  However, that was 20 years ago.  In those days, more people were learning together.  There was value in sharing our discoveries in forums and less…

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    Blog,  Search Behavior,  Usability

    What Does User Experience Mean to SEO’s?

    When you land on a webpage, what frustrates you? Is it how long it takes to load, ads covering up content, or the visual complexity of the page? The answer depends on who you are, what device you are using and what you need. If you are to believe search engine marketing experts, the ultimate end goal for all web pages is to rank at the top for users’ search queries.  This is their truth. Page load time is the main goal for user experience. When Google launched its mobile test tool, marketers sounded the alarm because now web pages must render on smart phones to be included in Google’s index. Bing has introduced their own mobile requirements.  Online marketers want content…